Lost in Helsinki

While planning my EU trip last year, Finland was not included on the list of countries I wanted to visit. I thought that travelling to any countries in Scandinavia would cost me a fortune. Initially, I planned to make Greece as my entry point to EU. While searching, I couldn’t find any flights to Athens that would fit my budget. Price starts from P15,000+ up to P100,000+. This is insanely pricey for me!!! A week after, I decided to search flights to any European countries and that’s when I found the cheapest flight which is Dubai to Helsinki, Finland! Luckily, it’s a direct flight and only costs P6718 via Norwegian Air. Btw, my starting point is Manila and I score a ticket to Dubai for only P987 during Cebu Pacific Piso Fare. And that’s the reason why I ended up in Helsinki.

Before I went to Finland I didn’t research well on what to do, where to go and what to expect on this country. I just bought Helsinki Card which covers my transportation (bus, tram, ferry) within Helsinki including going to and from the Airport. It also has a free entry to 28+ top attractions and tours in Helsinki. I bought it for only 56.73 EUR (P3,403).

In this blog post, you will see how I lost my self in Helsinki, the Europe’s best kept secret.

Day 1 – I’m not into Arts but since I’m in the design district might as well visit some Museums.

I passed by Helsinki University going to Ateneum.

Ateneum Art Museum is where you can find Classical Finnish Arts. I didn’t have much photo since they don’t allow taking pictures inside.

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

This was my first time to visit a Contemporary Art Museum and I found a lot of unique art pieces here where you can touch and experience them.

Another first time; 3 °C temperature.

Day 2 – The sun rises at 8 AM and sun sets at 4 PM. I decided to go to Suomenlinna Fortress.

I spent most of my time here exploring the picturesque beauty of the fortress.

After long hours of walking and taking pictures alone, I went back to the city. After boarding off the ferry I saw the Uspenski Cathedral from afar.

This Cathedral is set upon a hillside on the Katajanokka peninsula overlooking the city of Helsinki.

While heading to Hensiki Cathedral I passed by Market Square and saw this ship.

I stayed in Helsinki Cathedral for almost an hour to pray and give thanks to the Lord for this dream trip of mine.

In front of it is the Senate Square

Roaming around the design district.

Day 3

The Sibelius Park and Monument is dedicated to Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius.

This sculpture was built from more than 600 steel pipes in the form of organ pipes

I was supposed to go to Design Museum however it was closed every Mondays. Stupid me for not checking the museum’s schedule before going here. While roaming around, I felt the call of nature. I was panicking because I can’t find any restroom. Lucky me, there’s a cute Café nearby.

I felt guilty for just using their restroom, so I decided to order a cup of hot chocolate to brave the cold weather and stay here for a little while. It’s my last day anyway in Helsinki.

I can’t believe that I will be able to enjoy my trip to Helsinki. I’m happy that I did not have an itinerary to follow. I let myself to get lost and discover new places to explore.


  • To make the most out of my trip I purchased Helsinki Card which gives me free acess to 28+ attractions and it also serves as my tranportation ticket within Helsinki.
  • Staying in hostel is cheaper than staying at a hotel. I stayed in CheapSleep Hostel Helsinki for 35.18 eur for 3 days and 2 nights with free breakfast.
  • If you’re on a tight budget like me it’s cheaper to buy food in Supermarket than eating in a restaurant

View outside my Hostel.

Helsinki Vantaa Airport, the most beautiful Airport I’ve been to.

So happy to get lost in Helsinki. Stay tuned for my next post about Prague. Happy Travels!

Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost. – Erol Ozan


Where to stay in Taipei?

So here you are, “the planner of the group” looking for a place to stay for your upcoming trip to Taiwan with your friends.

You have your checklist with you, and you are searching for a place that is safe, affordable, near the attraction or the mrt station and of course a comfortable one. Luckily, all these points are describing 4Plus Hostel.

This hostel can easily be reached as it is near Zhongshan station and it’s one station away from Taipei main station. If you’re coming late you can ride a taxi from the main station. It’s also near the road so you won’t get lost finding it.

We booked an all female dorm room with 3 bunk beds inside. They have an elevator so you don’t have to worry about carrying your luggage.

I love their built-in bunk beds as they don’t shake when someone moves around. Each bed has a reading lamp, power outlet and a set of pillow and comforter. You will also be given a locker key so you can leave your valuables without worrying. Bathroom is shared, they have 3 shower rooms and 2 toilet rooms.

Kitchen area is wide and clean.

For free breakfast, you can choose from loaf bread or bagels with 3 different spreads and coffee. Not bad eh?

This hostel is budget-friendly and we only paid P666 each via Traveloka. Make sure that you download this app to get an amazing discount.

Another plus points for 4Plus Hostel are:

Friendly and accomodating staff. Thank you, Ting-wei! She also gave us a cute pouch for toiletries.

Meet new friends who were up for crazy poses. Hello roomies Lychee and Miyako 😙

So cozy and very instagrammable

How about you? What are the points you consider when choosing a place to stay? Share it with me in the comments box.

Happy Travels!

De-stressing at Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Laguna

How to de-stress when you feel toxic at work or in life? 

1. Go to Isdaan Floating Restaurant- Calauan, Laguna and bring your friends.

2. Order all the food you want to eat. Their crispy pata is the best! 🐷👌🏼

3. Explore the place and take pictures. Um-aura if you must.

4. Try Tacsyiapo where you can smash plates, glasses and tv (yes, TV! Hahahha) and release all your anger, disappointment and frustrations.

5. Go home/get back to work and enjoy your life.

Life can be tough sometimes, your problems won’t be solved if you rant all day. What we can do is to choose to be strong in facing our challenges in life.

Remember, most of your stress comes from the way you respond, not the way life is. Adjust your attitude, and all that extra stress is gone.


1. Ask your friend to drive you there. Since you’re tired and exhausted you will fall asleep during the 2 hour drive from Manila, make sure to appreciate him once you arrived at the place. (Thank you so much Jess, you know how much we love you! 😘)

2. Food is a bit pricey but it tastes good. Their servings is good for 4. We love their crispy pata and chicharong bulaklak.

3. They don’t accept debit/credit card so bring your cash with you.

3. Plates and mugs cost P20 each. While the TV costs P2000, you can smash it several times.

4. They are open from 8 AM until 10 PM.

Thanks for your time reading this post! Happy Travels!


6 Instagrammable Places in Singapore

Saw a lot of posts about  instagram worthy places in Singapore and I decided to create my own list too.  Here, I listed 6 places we found that you can insta-G plus some directions on how you can go there.

1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

How to get there?


Marina Bay Sands is linked directly to Bayfront MRT station (CE1, Exit B, C, D, E) along the Circle Line Extension.

By Bus:

The following bus routes serve Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Marina Bay Sands MICE:

Bus numbers: 97/97E, 106, 133, 502/502A, 518/518A, NR1 (Available on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays), and NR6 (Available on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays).

2.Garden’s by the Bay





How to get there?


  • Via Circle Line or Downtown Line, alight at Bayfront MRT Station (CE1/DT16)
  • Take Exit B and follow the underground linkway
  • Exit and cross the Dragonfly Bridge or Meadow Bridge into Gardens by the Bay

By Bus:

  • Via East-West Line, alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (EW15)
  • Take Exit C and head towards bus stop no. 03223 located at International Plaza, Anson Road
  • Hop onto bus no. 400 and alight at bus stop no. 03371 along Marina Gardens Drive

From Marina Bay Sand:

Walk across the overhead bridge (Lions Bridge) located at Marina Bay Sands Hotel (open daily from 8.00am to 11.00pm), or take the underground linkway via Bayfront MRT Station (Exit B).

3.Universal Studios Singapore










How to get there?


  • Take North-East line or Circle line to HarbourFront station.
  • Take Exit E to VivoCity and proceed to level 3 to board the Sentosa Express. Alight 1 stop later at Waterfront station.
  • Walk straight till you see Chili’s Restaurant on your right. Turn right and head towards the Universal Studios Globe.
4,Ibis Style Hotel at Macpherson





How to get there?


Head to Terminal 2 and take the train to Paya Lebar MRT interchange via the East West line Green towards Joo Koon MRT. Transfer to the Circle Line Yellow towards HarbourFront MRT, alight at Tai Seng or MacPherson MRT station and follow the signs to the hotel.

5.China Town




How to get there?


Chinatown is a station on North East Line and Downtown Line, it depends where you’re coming from but you can take either of the two lines and alight at Chinatown station. Head to Exit B and walk towards Chinatown Complex, the temple is right outside the complex.

By Bus:

Bus numbers: 2, 12, 33, 54, 63, 124, 143, 147, 190, 851, 961, 961#, 970 and CT1 (Alight at bus stop B05039)

6.Haji Lane






How to get there?


Get onto the East West Line and get off at Bugis Station. Or you can also take the Downtown Line and alight at Bugis Station. Head to Exit B, from there, you have to walk 5-10 minutes to reach Haji Lane.

Happy Travels, Instagrammers! 🙂

“Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life”. – Michael Palin

Giant Panda in Macau

What do you think you can do to your 60 pesos (10 MOP) when in Macau?

Aside from going to Casinos and hotel hopping, do you know that for a very small amount you can buy a ticket to visit the two Giant Pandas in Macau? Yep! That’s true. There are pandas in Macau. Thanks to the guy (a fellow Filipino) we met when my friends and I were buying pasalubong. He told us that there’s a park in Coloane where we can see those furry black and white bears.

Apparently, Coloane is far from where we are staying so I had to convince my friends to go with me. And lucky me they agreed! I will never let a chance to see panda in real life. NEVER!

Here, I listed 7 things I learned about Giant Pandas in Macau:

1. The two pandas living in the Giant Panda Pavilion are Kai Kai and Xin Xin. They are gifts from Mainland Chinese government to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Macau’s reunification with China.



2. Pandas don’t have specific spots for sleeping; they simply fall asleep wherever they happen to be. Just like this cutie pie, he wasn’t able to finish eating his food and fall asleep just like that.

3. In a panda’s typical day, it spends half its time on eating and the other half on sleeping. Oooh! Can I just be a panda? 😛


4. Giant pandas move very slowly because bamboo doesn’t provide much energy for them. They can’t do activities that require much energy. But they have toys inside their cage so they can play around, eat and sleep. What a life!

5. Preserved Giant Panda’s poops look likes a cassava. hihi 😛

6. Giant Pandas are considered national treasure in China.

7. There are only about 1,000 giant pandas left in the wild and they are classified as endangered. If you want to be part of saving them you may visit World Wide Fund website to learn more on how you can make donation or adopt a panda.


  • Schedule of the show starts from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm. Last admission is until 4:45 pm. According to their website, the park is close on Mondays, and Tuesday only if Monday is a public holiday.
  • The best time to go there is around 2 pm so that you can see these babies eat their favorite bamboos and play around.
  • Admission fee is only 10 MOP and it is free for children 12 and below and for seniors 65 and above.
  • For those who love to collect souvenir items they have a souvenir shop near the exit gate.  They sell panda shirt, panda toys and other panda stuffs.
  • There are other animals inside the park you can also check them out.
  • Don’t forget to bring your jacket. The cold temperate in Coloane will bother you in any way. Hehe 😛


Address: Avenida de Seac Pai Van, Coloane, Macau

We ride on bus number 26A to get there. But you can also take any bus as long as it’s going to Coloane Island. Bus stop is just next to the main entrance and across the Oasis Hotel you can see the park (Parque de Seac Pai Van).

This was another unplanned trip for me and I can say it’s a great experience. I’m hoping that you can also make a time to visit these pandas when you’re in Macau. Happy Travels!

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawahariel Nehru

8 Things To Do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well-known for its cloud-buster skyline, cultural kaleidoscope and its shopping paradise where you can bargain hunt from cheap bazaars to extravagant shopping centers. It has a population of more than 7 million people inhabiting a small mass of land, making it one of the most densely packed areas in the world. Here, I have listed 8 things you must experience when in Hong Kong. Shout out to my legs and feet for not giving up on me in my journey to the city of never ending walk.

1. Feel the Magic in Hong Kong Disneyland

I have been dreaming of going to this place when I was a child. Now that I grew up and am now capable to travel I made sure to make that dream come true and visited this place with my friends.

It was very nice to feel like a child again. My heart jumped as I witnessed the ravishing floats carrying the Disney Princesses, Buzz Lightyear, Tinkerbell and many more in The Flight of Fantasy Parade.

“No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true,” – Cinderella
“To Infinity and Beyond.” – Buzz Lightyear
“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” – Tinkerbell

Even the train ride going there is an absolute fun!

The experience is truly magical especially the fireworks finale at night.

Disney in the Stars Fireworks

2. Ride a cable car and see the beauty of Hong Kong from above

Since Tung Chung is just 5.4 kilometers away from the airport we decided to ride the cable car first before checking-in in our hotel.

The journey took around 25 minutes, travelling between Tung Chung Town Centre and Ngong Ping Village in Lantau Island.

 It was a total surprised seeing the breathtaking views of the South China Sea and the lush mountainous terrain of Lantau which serves as the “lungs of Hong Kong” because of its abundance of native woodland.

But be warned! The queue is extremely long. It will be highly recommended to book your ticket online. In our case, we bought our tickets at Klook a reliable app that helped us save some money and our precious time.

3. Shop till you drop!

You can see various shopping centers in Hong Kong; it is everywhere, which makes the country one of the shopping paradise in Asia. You can shop from cheap bazaars, branded outlets, gadget stores, malls and luxury boutiques. Just a piece of advice dear, spend wisely!

Want to buy cheap items and souvenirs? Go to Ladies Market in Mongkok.
Adidas outlet along the streets of Tsim Tsam Tsui
Citygate Outlets is the largest outlet mall in Hong Kong featuring more than 80 international brand names and also offer huge discounts.
Giant Ferrero in iSquare Mall just across from Chungking Mansion.

4. Eatsplore!

Finding where and what to eat in a foreign country is a real challenge for any travelers. Always check on how they prepare the food before buying it. Trying something new is not bad but keeping yourself healthy on a foreign land is a top priority.

5. A night with the stars in Madam Tussaud’s Museum

Prepare your camera for a star-studded experience in the wax museum of Madam Tussaud’s. We paid a regular price of 280 HKD each for the ticket including the tram ride going to The Peak. Sadly, we weren’t able to buy it in Klook since this was a last-minute decision. Again, my favorite advice on this trip, buy all your tickets online!

Thank you Brad and Angelina for welcoming us!
Thank you Brad and Angelina for welcoming us!

Spot the wrong Directioner. Hehe 😛

6. Visit The Peak

Of course, we never missed to see the famous skyline of Hong Kong. The jungle of glass and stones standing firmly above the ground and gives colors to the whole city.

7. See the view of Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbor is a natural land form harbor situated between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Since it is very near from Tsim Tsam Tsui we decided to walk going there.

8. Get lost and discover what other things this country has to offer

Go on, explore and get yourself a chance to discover something new in this country. It may be a place, a food, a person or an experience. Just learn something and enjoy every minute of it. Happy Travels!



I just want to give credits to my two amazing companions on this trip. I used some of their photos on this blog. So, a big THANK YOU to my crazy best friend and his crazier brother! I guess it runs from the blood. Hihi! From your craziest friend. Love yah! xoxo


“The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life.” – Agnes Repplier

Cebu-Bohol Adventure: A DIY travel guide

Thinking about travelling to the Queen City of the South? Why not include Bohol in your trip.

Last year, my friend and I booked a trip to Cebu for 4 days and 3 nights. Initially, we only planned to go to Cebu but being a spontaneous travel junkie we are, we decided to include Bohol even if it is just for a day.

Just a little trivia, did you know that recently Cebu made it to Conde Nast Traveler’s 20 Best Islands in the World list. Not only that because our very own Palawan is on the number one spot, followed by Boracay (top 15) and Cebu (top 19). I am so ecstatic that even before the list was published I was able to visit these three amazing places. So before I get giddy writing the intro, here is the complete DIY travel guide to our ultimate Cebu Bohol adventure.

Day 1 & 2: Manila to Cebu – Cebu to Bohol – Bohol to Cebu

From Manila, we took a flight going to Mactan, Cebu. Travel time is approximately one hour and 20 minutes. At exactly 7 AM we arrived at Mactan Airport. From there, we took a cab and went to Cebu pier 1 to catch the boat going to Tubigon, Bohol. There are a lot of ferries that travels to Bohol and we chose MV Starcraft Ferry since it is the cheapest among others. Estimated travel time is one hour. Check their website to see the ferry-boat schedule and their rates.

My friend Kat and I inside the ferry boat
Boat fare is 210 pesos each and we paid 25 pesos for the terminal fee.

Things to do in Bohol

1) Go to Chocolate Hills

For our first stop, we visited the famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol. It consists of 1268 cone-like hills spread over 50 square kilometers. The hills are green until the end of the dry season and then become chocolate brown, hence the name Chocolate Hills.

From port no need to ride a trike or pedicab. We just walked at least 5 minutes from port to van terminal going to Carmen, terminal is near McDonald’s.

Estimated travel time:

  • 1 hour van ride from Tubigon to Carmen
  • 10 – 15 minutes trike to Chocolate Hills


  • Van – 80 pesos
  • Trike – 100 pesos
  • Entrance Fee to Chocolate Hills – 50 pesos

We climbed up this 200+ steep stairs and burned some calories just to see the magnificent view of the Chocolate Hills.

2) Mini tour in Bohol Habitat

This place has a butterfly sanctuary and restaurant inside. The tour guides here are very hospitable and funny. They made our mini tour here engaging and full of laughter while having rich information about butterflies and moths. Plus, they are good photographers!


Estimated travel time:

  • 30 to 45 minutes bus ride from Carmen to Bilar (ask the driver to drop you off at Bohol Habitat)


  • Bus – 20 pesos
  • Entrance fee – 40 pesos

3) Go biking around Panglao

We drove 10 kilometers from our hostel to Alona beach. Good thing that the weather is all good for a bike ride and the road is smooth and safe. We rented our bikes from Bohol Coco Farm for 100 pesos each.

4) Swimming in Alona beach, Panglao

The famous Alona Beach is in Panglao Island, it has a long stretch of yellowish-coral-sandy beach where the resorts, dive centers, restaurants and souvenir shops are also located. Honestly, we didn’t enjoy the beach that much because there are a lot of boats around the shore. But I can say that it is still worth visiting, though locals say that we should have gone to Dimalaluan beach instead of Alona.

Outside Hennan beach resort

5) Visit Tarsier Convention Area

Our Bohol adventure would not be complete without seeing the tantalizing eyes of the smallest species here in the Philippines – the TARSIERS! Too bad it started to rain and all the tarsiers are hiding and I didn’t have a chance to have a closer photo of them.

Tarsiers have extremely large eyes and ears, and long tail and hind legs. They are nocturnal animals and hardly ever show themselves up during the day. One of their unique feature is they can rotate their head for 180 degrees without moving the rest of the body. This helps them remain “silent” while waiting for the prey to appear.


There are buses passing thru outside Tarsier Convention Area, we ride a bus going to Carmen then ride again a van going to Tubigon Port.

Estimated Travel time:

  • 15 minutes van ride from our hostel to Tagbilaran
  • 30 minutes bus ride from Tagbilaran to Tarsier Covention Area in Loboc


  • Van – 75 pesos
  • Bus – 30 pesos
  • Entrance Fee – 60 pesos

And that’s how we end our 1 and a half day tour in Bohol! Too bad, we weren’t able to go to Danao Adventure Park because it was closed due to the damage that was left by the earth quake last April 2013. I really wanted to try their Bunjee Jumping but I guess it’s a sign to go back here again.

Accommodation: Bohol Coco Farm

It’s a budget hostel in Panglao, rate is 350 per head or 700 pesos per kubo (nipa hut) which can accommodate up to 2 person. They also have rooms for bigger groups. Visit this link to know more about the place.


Day 3: Moalboal and Kawasan Falls

Next stop, CEBU! From Pier, we took a cab and go to South Bus Terminal. Then we ride a bus going to Moalboal via Santander-Barili road. Travel time is almost 3 hours including the pick up and take off of the passengers per town. Bus fare (non aircon) is 115 pesos.

It was late midnight when we arrived at Moalboal, good thing that there are still tricycle drivers waiting. You just have to negotiate with them regarding the price cause if not they will ask you for a higher price.

We stayed for one night in Moalboal Backpacker Lodge, we rented a private studio with own T&B for 700 pesos. We chose to stay in Moalboal because it is closer to Badian where the Kawasan Falls is located.

One thing I learned from travelling is that finding the best accommodation is really an important part of the trip. Top three things that I always consider are the 1) location – its proximity to tourist spots and easy access from the road, 2) reviews – I love reading comments and recommendations from other travelers. It helps me to work out on my expectations regarding the place I wanted to visit or a hotel I wanted to stay.  And of course 3) the price – it should be budget friendly!

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan has three waterfalls. The first one is the largest, and is usually the most crowded. We didn’t have much time to explore the other waterfalls that’s why we spend most of our time in the first waterfall.

I love the scenery as we go walking to the falls. Its turquoise water is compelling. Really nature at its best! The waterfall is spectacular and sparkling. And the water itself is so fresh and cold.


From Moalboal, we took a bus going to Badian. We ask the bus conductor to drop us at Matutinao Badian Church. From there, we walked for at least 10 to 15 minutes. We didn’t hire a tour guide and when we were asked if we know the place we immediately say yes. Because I read from other blogs that some people there will not stop bothering you if they know that you’re a first time traveler in Kawasan. Also, there are cottages and life vests available for rent.

Estimated travel time:

  • 15 to 20 minutes bus ride from Moalboal to Badian
  • 5 to 10 minutes trekking to the waterfalls


  • Bus – 20 pesos
  • Entrance fee – 2o pesos
  • Cottage (round table) – 300 pesos
  • Life vest – 50 pesos

Moalboal beach – 2 minutes walk from our hostel
After that, we went back to our hostel and packed our things and travel to our next destination. From Moalboal, we ride a bus going to the town of Oslob. Bus fare is 70 pesos and estimated travel time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

We took off at Oslob bus terminal and ride again a bus going to our resort. We stayed at Seafari Resort and enjoy our remaining time in there. Visit this link to check my full review on Where to stay in Cebu?

Day 4: Swimming with the whale sharks

For me this is the highlight of our Cebuhol adventure. I really had fun with my close encounter experience with the whale sharks and that left me a feeling of going back to this place, hoping to go back here next year.

Sharing with you my 5 Reasons why swimming with the Butanding is the best thing to do in Cebu.

Estimated travel time

  • 10 to 15 minutes boat ride from our Resort to Whale shark watching area


  • Boat ride is free when you stay at Seafari Resort
  • 30 minutes swimming with the whale shark – 500 pesos

Heading back to Cebu City from Oslob took us 3 to 4 hours travel time and the bus fare is 140 pesos. Since our flight to Manila is scheduled late at night we decided to squeeze our time and roam around the city. We were able to visit 3 places: Ayala Center Cebu, Taoist Temple and Magellan’s Cross.


I only spent 7100 pesos for our Cebu-Bohol trip; it includes accommodations, fares (except airfare), foods and pasalubong. See, it is possible to visit this two amazing places and experience riveting adventures for a budget amount. Happy travels fellow travelers! 🙂

Disclaimer: Fare price and entrace fees indicated  above may change as this blogpost was written on the year 2015.

“Travelling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.” – Lisa St. Aubin de Teran

Where to stay in Cebu?

Want to stay in a hostel or resort? Hope my review about my experience during my stay with Moalboal Backpacker Lodge (a budget friendly hostel) and Seafari Resort (a small out-of-the-way paradise with a bit pricey amount) will help you in choosing your accommodation when you visit Cebu. Or, why not stay to both? 🙂


Moalboal Backpacker Lodge is the only hostel in Moalboal and is located near all of the bars, restaurants, dive shops and the Moalboal beach.


We stayed for one night in a Private two story studio cottage ‘Red Dragon’ with bathroom and chill-out hammock for 700 pesos (350 each). The room is spacious and clean. It comes with bed linen and towel, free coffee facility and mineral water.




It’s only a short walk from the beach. Though the beach is not good for swimming. It is also near from Badian, where the Kawasan falls is located. So, if you are planning to try Canyoneering or Diving this place is good for you.




I highly recommend this place for its affordable price, friendly staff and its good location. This is the best place for backpackers.

Check their website for the updated rates per room.

Location: Panagsama Beach, Basdiot, Moalboal, 6032

How to get there?

  • Take a metered taxi from Mactan International Airport or Cebu Ferry Terminal to Southern Bus Terminal.
  • Then ride a local bus (CERES LINER) to Moalboal (via Barili), bus fare is 107 pesos.
  • Took off at Moalboal bus stop, near the public market you’ll find tricycle and habal-habal (single motor) waiting for passengers. Just asked them to take you at Moalboal Backpacker Lodge. Fare is 70 to 100 pesos depending on your negotiation skills.


After staying in a Kubo for 2 days we finally got the chance to relax in this little paradise. Seafari Resort is situated in the town of Oslob.


We stayed here for 1 night as the place is near the whale shark watching area. We arrived at around two in the afternoon and one of the staff helped us carry our bags down the 200+ steep stairs – the resort is set at the bottom facing the ocean. On the way down we are greeted to an exceptional view of the turquoise sea and Sumilon Island from afar.



Their room rates include breakfast, boat transfer to & from the (Butanding) Whale shark area. The room was satisfactory, clean and spacious, though nothing remarkable.



Amenities are very nice, they have 2 swimming pools and the other one is an infinity pool. It is small but the view is really spectacular. They have two Jacuzzis one is at the ground and the other is at the 2nd level.






Food is okay nothing great. I can say that the price is reasonable considering that it’s in a secluded place. During dinner we also arranged our swimming with Butanding for tomorrow. We booked for a 6 AM trip to avoid the crowds. Good thing that they have a free boat transfer going to and from the area. An estimated 10 to 15 minutes travel time going there.



Visit this link and find out why Swimming with the Butanding is the best thing to do in Cebu.

I still recommend this place for its great view and a close proximity to the whale shark watching area. But, if you’re not planning to visit the Butanding this place is not for you.

To check their room rates and packages visit their website.

Location: Cuancua-ay, Tanawan, Oslob, Oslob, Oslob, Philippines 6025

How to get there?

  • From Moalboal, we ride a bus going to Oslob, bus fare is 70 pesos
  • Took off at Oslob terminal and ride again a bus going to the hotel, bus fare is 30 pesos

Enjoy your stay and happy travels! 🙂

“If we were meant to stay at one place we’d have roots instead of feet.” – Unknown

Bohol Coco Farm

Bohol Coco Farm is both a hostel and a coconut farm. The family running the business is an advocate of organic farming that’s why most of the food they serve in their restaurant comes from their organic farm.


The place is nature friendly and it is surrounded by coconut trees. It has a unique vibe where we feel that we are in a secluded place, solemn and quiet. Also, it is 3 to 5 minute walk from the national road. The path going there is muddy and rocky.




We love the concept of nipa huts serving as a room good for 2 persons. They also have bigger nipa hut (or their dormitory type room) for big groups or for single traveler who doesn’t bother sharing a room with others.

Rooms here are basic but adequate. Types of rooms are private, female dorm and male dormitory. They have common bathroom and it’s on the outside. They separate the shower rooms from the toilet rooms. The water is running good and the area is clean.


The dining area where you can also chill out is also a best place to get to know other travelers staying there. At that time, we were the only Filipino travelers who stayed there and most of the guests are from different nations. We have a little chit-chat with them and the owner about the benefits of virgin coconut oil. And how we should avoid eating processed foods and instead eat healthier food, like organic food. It is really true that you will learn a lot from traveling! 🙂



The food here is pretty cheap and healthy. They also offer free breakfast when you stayed in the place. Food is also good and tasty. It is freshly cooked and harvested from their farm.




The place is close to town and other beaches such as Dimalaluan, Alona and Doljo beach. Other tourist’s spots are not that far away. We rented a bike to go to Alona beach. We paid 100 pesos since we only used it for an hour. You can also rent a scooter for 500 pesos and bike for 150 pesos per 24 hours to roam around Panglao.


The place is great and I highly recommend this for backpackers. It is very cheap and has a value for money. Also, the staffs here are very friendly.


You can contact them thru their Facebook account or dial up this number +63917-304-9801.

Location: Purok 1, Libaong Panglao, Bolod, Panglao Island, Philippines 6340

How to get here?

  • ride a bus going to Tagbilaran Terminal, bus fare is 40 pesos (from Bohol habitat)
  • then, ride a jeepney going to Panglao and ask the driver to drop you off at Bohol Coco Farm, fare is 25 pesos
  • it is 3 to 5 minute walk from the national road

Enjoy your stay, happy travels! 🙂

“Let’s find some beautiful place to get lost”. – Unknown

5 Reasons why swimming with the Butanding is the best thing to do in Cebu

Whale shark or Butanding (commonly known in Filipino) is a slow-moving filter-feeding animal that is considered as the largest fish in the sea, measuring 40 feet or more.  These sharks have very wide mouths which can reach nearly 5 ft. wide and can contain up to 350 rows of teeth. The head is flat and the eyes are located near the front of its head. While these sharks aren’t known to attack humans some speculate that a human could get caught in its large mouth, however even if this were to occur the throat of a whale shark is fairly small and it would be impossible for the shark to consume a person. These shark has even been said to be fairly friendly and playful with divers and may even let a diver hold on for a ride. (facts from whalefacts.org)

Here in the Philippines, there are several places you can go to-to experience whale shark watching/swimming.

So when I planned my Cebu and Bohol trip last June, I made sure to include this in my itinerary. I didn’t regret to do so cause it became the highlight of my Cebuhol Adventure.

Overwhelmed by my experience, I decided to write my top 5 reasons why swimming with the gentle giants is the best thing to do when you go to Cebu.

1) Whale sharks are completely harmless so there’s no need to be afraid of them. They are filter feeders meaning they consume food by swimming towards it with their mouth open engulfing the prey that enters their mouth. Plus, they don’t eat humans!


2) Gentle giants are truly gentle and friendly. Swimming and snorkeling with them is an amazing experience. Again, no need to be scared of these creatures. But, if you are too afraid of the giant fish then you can still watch them from the boat.


3) You’ll enjoy it even if you’re not a professional swimmer. Besides the boatmen will guide you and will even help you to have that instagram-worthy photo with the whale shark.


4) Swimming with the Butanding makes me appreciate more the beauty of the underwater world. For me oceans are deep and magical and there are still a lot of things we need to see and discover.


5) It is one of a kind experience that you shouldn’t miss! An adventure you wouldn’t forget and definitely worthy of your bucket list.


Hopefully, these 5 reasons will inspire you to try this adventure when you visit Cebu.

Sharing with you my #niknakztraveltips when swimming with the whale sharks.

  • I would suggest to go there early to avoid the crowd. It is open from 6 AM to 12:30 PM.
  • You have to pay P500 for 30 minutes encounter with the whale shark and P300 for whale shark watching. Foreigners have to pay for a higher rate. Snorkeling gear is free.
  • But, if you have your own gear then you better bring that with you if you don’t want to use snorkeling gear that has been used by others.
  • Whale shark watching is well organized by the local town people. Listen very carefully to the do’s and don’ts when swimming with the whale sharks. Compliance is a must.
  • Don’t bother to put sunscreen when you go there, you’ll end up removing it because it is not allowed to put sunblock when you swim with the whale shark.
  • You can rent an underwater camera if you don’t have one.
  • Enjoy the moment! It is really scary at first but once you’re in there you will feel amused and amazed by the gentle giants.

How to get there?

  • Book a plane ticket to Mactan, Cebu with Air Asia, Cebu Pacific or PAL.
  • From Cebu City, go to South Bus Terminal and take a Ceres bus going to Oslob.
  • In our case, we stayed in Seafari Resort in Oslob and they take us to whale shark watching area. Only 5 minutes boat ride from our resort.

Thank you for spending your time reading my first entry here in my blog. Happy Travels!

“Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.” – Lewis Carrolll, Alice in Wonderland