Where to stay in Taipei?

So here you are, “the planner of the group” looking for a place to stay for your upcoming trip to Taiwan with your friends.

You have your checklist with you, and you are searching for a place that is safe, affordable, near the attraction or the mrt station and of course a comfortable one. Luckily, all these points are describing 4Plus Hostel.

This hostel can easily be reached as it is near Zhongshan station and it’s one station away from Taipei main station. If you’re coming late you can ride a taxi from the main station. It’s also near the road so you won’t get lost finding it.

We booked an all female dorm room with 3 bunk beds inside. They have an elevator so you don’t have to worry about carrying your luggage.

I love their built-in bunk beds as they don’t shake when someone moves around. Each bed has a reading lamp, power outlet and a set of pillow and comforter. You will also be given a locker key so you can leave your valuables without worrying. Bathroom is shared, they have 3 shower rooms and 2 toilet rooms.

Kitchen area is wide and clean.

For free breakfast, you can choose from loaf bread or bagels with 3 different spreads and coffee. Not bad eh?

This hostel is budget-friendly and we only paid P666 each via Traveloka. Make sure that you download this app to get an amazing discount.

Another plus points for 4Plus Hostel are:

Friendly and accomodating staff. Thank you, Ting-wei! She also gave us a cute pouch for toiletries.

Meet new friends who were up for crazy poses. Hello roomies Lychee and Miyako 😙

So cozy and very instagrammable

How about you? What are the points you consider when choosing a place to stay? Share it with me in the comments box.

Happy Travels!


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